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Welcome to Enversed

Experience the magic of virtual reality in a whole new way. Go on an adventure with your friends, family or colleagues and discover new worlds, immersive storylines and hilarious games. Have fun!

Personal assistance

Your own Enversed Room

For everyone

Experience the magic of VR

What can I expect during my visit?

One of our VR Crew Members is there to welcome and guide you for the duration of your visit. You’ll then be assigned to one or more Enversed Room(s), depending on the size of your group. This Room is equipped with the latest VR technology, a comfortable sofa and two TV screens to spectate the fellow players of your group during downtime.

The Crew Member provides you with all the necessary instructions, as well food and beverages, before you set off on your virtual adventure. He or she then remains available to help you with any questions or requests so you can have the best experience possible at Enversed!


We want to make Virtual Reality as accessible as possible for everyone. That’s why we have several tools at our disposal that enable guests to live VR experiences, despite limitations or handicaps. In addition, we are also able and willing to adapt the line-up of experiences to specific needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What our guests say about us

Great and very original if you want a different company or friends outing.
Definitely recommended!

Chantal van Gerven

The latest in VR. Very cool and a unique experience. The only downside is the lack of teamspeak for the team game (throwing snowballs).

Merlijn Kamps

Super! Nice reception by very friendly people. We will definitely come back!

Ezra Faes

I didn't expect to get so caught up in a game. Very nice space, where you get the feeling of sitting on the couch at home. Great experience!

Linda Verkooijen