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Enter a world of boundless fun at our VR Experience Center! Discover unprecedented adventures, take on challenging missions, and experience breathtaking moments, all within the immersive world of Virtual Reality. Whether you’re coming for relaxation with friends, quality time with family, or an innovative business event, an outing with us will surprise you. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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  • VR Escape Adventures
  • VR Teambuilding outings
  • Friends & Family outings
  • Business events
  • Workshops

Join us on an adventure into the world of tomorrow.


for every occasion.


Enversed Event Center

Enversed is more than just a VR Center. In addition to our wide range of VR experiences, we offer special VR packages for conferences, meetings, and (corporate) parties. At Enversed, it’s all about inspiration, interaction, and having fun together. Experiment with new technologies like Virtual and Mixed Reality, and AI, and discover how you can already implement these within your organization.

  • located in the trendy and innovative Strijp-S.
  • nowhere else can you experience Virtual Reality with large groups in this way.
  • capacity for up to 240 guests.
  • substantive VR and AI programs & workshops.
  • easily accessible.
  • conveniently near (paid) parking.
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Take a look inside

3,000 m² of innovation at Enversed.

  • Partially or fully available for private hire.
  • Upgrade your event with VR
  • Attractive rates.
VR Rooms

Our seven charming VR Rooms are located here.

LevelUp Café

Our catering facility provides a warm welcome and space for lunch, drinks, dinners, and buffets. Optionally, various interactive experiences can be utilized.

Meeting and workshop room

For workshops and lectures for up to 150 guests

Demo space

Demo space for corporate XR, VR en AI solutions.


An elevator takes you to the 7th floor entrance.

Event space & VR Freeroam

A large, versatile space suitable for conferences, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and also VR Freeroam experiences.


Big screens to spectate players who are in VR.

Charming VR Rooms

Our location has seven charming VR rooms.

VR players

Two players can play simultaneously in one VR Room. With a Party Bundle, you’ll rotate with the people on the couch.

Comfy couches

To catch your breath or to enjoy a drink and a bite.

Enthusiastic team

You will receive explanations from our enthusiastic team, so you can get started comfortably.

VR Gear

We use various VR headsets for an optimal experience.

Near the VR Rooms

Our catering facility is located next to our VR rooms.

Playground for adults

This catering facility offers multiple interactive setups that add a fun and interactive element to your event. Your guests can participate in experiences and experiment with new techniques such as Mixed Reality and AI in an accessible way.

Dark mode

A bright space, but also capable of being darkened with curtains.

Different setups

A dynamic environment for brainstorming, collaborating, and bringing ideas to life.

Meeting packages

Delicious luxury coffee and lunch arrangements to help you through the day.

Reviews from our guests

Great and very original if you want a different company or friends outing.
Definitely recommended!

Chantal van Gerven

The latest in VR. Very cool and a unique experience. The only downside is the lack of teamspeak for the team game (throwing snowballs).

Merlijn Kamps

Super! Nice reception by very friendly people. We will definitely come back!

Ezra Faes

I didn't expect to get so caught up in a game. Very nice space, where you get the feeling of sitting on the couch at home. Great experience!

Linda Verkooijen

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Practical information

Opening hours

  • We’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday and Thursday from 2 PM to 7 PM
  • Friday from 1 PM to 7 PM
  • Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM

Outside business hours?
Events for large groups (>20 people)are also possible outside of our regular opening hours. Please contact us about the possibilities.

Navigation & parking

Our location

Enversed Experience Center
Veem building (7th floor)
Torenallee 100-02, 5617 BE Eindhoven.
Take note! The entrance is located on the Veemstraat.

More information about Navigation & Parking


Due to the nature of VR, a certain degree of freedom of movement is required, such as being able to wear a VR headset and use one or both hands. Moreover, a VR experience can be intense and may lead to quicker sensory overload. Are you unsure if a VR experience is suitable for you? Please feel free to contact us for more information. Our location is wheelchair accessible. However, there is no accessible restroom available.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I play alone or with others?

The beauty of VR is that it is suitable for both options! Whether you want to play with others or prefer to have an experience on your own, there is something for everyone. For those who like to play together, we offer various interactive adventures specially designed for collaboration or competition. In these experiences, you see each other in VR as digital avatars, and you can work together or compete against each other, depending on the game.

For those who prefer to play alone, we recommend the VR Storyline of Half-Life: Alyx. This is an immersive story that you can experience entirely on your own. Whatever your preference, a diverse array of VR experiences awaits you, allowing you to enjoy VR in your own way.

I have no experience with games or VR. Is it suitable for me?

At our center, everyone, regardless of prior gaming or VR experience, has the opportunity to enjoy our VR experiences. During your VR experience, you will be guided by one of our team members, who ensures that you understand exactly how the VR experiences work. Whether you are new to the world of virtual reality or already have some experience, there is something for everyone.

What can I expect from a visit to Enversed?

A really fun time! We offer various VR experiences ranging from 45 minutes to as long as 2 hours. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our team members, who will escort you to our charming VR Rooms. Depending on the group size, you will play in one or more VR Rooms. Each Room is equipped with the latest VR technology, a comfortable lounge sofa for taking breaks between games, and two TV screens to watch the players in VR.

Before you start, one of our team members will give you clear instructions. They will also be available during the experience to help where needed. You can also enjoy snacks and drinks while playing.

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