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Step into our state-of-the-art VR & Experience Center, where endless opportunities converge in a vast 3,000 square meter space. Did you know that you too can benefit from our extensive facilities? Elevate your event by utilizing our inviting center and the latest in Virtual & Mixed Reality technology, from dynamic congresses to engaging workshops and interactive seminars. A fantastic match is just within reach!

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Is this the location for your

upcoming event?

  • Corporate parties
  • Networking events
  • Product presentations
  • Conventions
  • Meetings & workshops
  • And more

Our location

  • From 10 to 240 guests
  • Monumental building
  • Industrial location (former Philips factory)
  • Near Germany and Belgium
  • Easily reachable

Our facilities

  • 3.000 m² in total
  • Welcome to Enversed
  • Catering options
  • Exposition space
  • Lecture, workshop & meeting room

Our services

  • Extensive assortment of VR experiences
  • Knowledge & expertise of VR events
  • Drinks & bites packages
  • Lunch, drinks & dinner
  • XR & AI Workshops & Lectures

An inspiring space where the possibilities are almost endless!

Linda van Raak

Take a look inside

3.000 m² of innovation at Enversed.

  • Partially or fully available for hire.
  • Upgrade your event with VR
  • Attractive rates.
VR Rooms

Our seven charming VR Rooms are located here.

LevelUp Café

Our catering facility provides a warm welcome and space for lunch, drinks, dinners, and buffets. Optionally, various interactive experiences can be utilized.

Meeting and workshop room

For workshops and lectures for up to 150 guests

Demo space

Demo space for corporate XR, VR and AI solutions.


An elevator takes you to the 7th floor entrance.

Event space & VR Freeroam

A large, versatile space suitable for conferences, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and also VR Freeroam experiences.


Big screens to spectate players who are in VR.

Charming VR Rooms

Our location has seven charming VR rooms.

VR players

Two players can play simultaneously in one VR Room. With a Party Bundle, you’ll rotate with the people on the couch.

Comfy couches

To catch your breath or to enjoy a drink and a bite.

Our VR Rooms

Experience VR in big groups.

Product presentations

In our atmospheric VR Rooms, you experience Virtual Reality at its best. Our VR center features no fewer than seven VR Rooms, each equipped with high-quality VR equipment. We offer a wide range of VR experiences, but you can also use our hardware for your own unique VR experience.

  • Seven atmospheric VR Rooms.
  • Equipped with the lastest VR technology.
  • Different setups possible.
  • Bites & drinks packages possible.
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Our meeting, workshop and lecture room

Meetings with

a twist.


Here, innovation and imagination come together for business meetings surrounded by cutting-edge technologies. Our center provides a dynamic environment for brainstorming, collaborating, and bringing ideas to life. A unique aspect of our location is that during your workshop or meeting, you can also make use of our VR facilities for a creative break!

  • Suitable for 5 to 150 guests.
  • Wi-Fi, microphone, projector, and flip chart are available by default.
  • Setup of your choice including boardroom, theater, or U-shape.
  • Combine your meeting with a VR break.
  • Bites & drinks package possible.
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Dark mode

A bright space, but also capable of being darkened with curtains.

Different setups

A dynamic environment for brainstorming, collaborating, and bringing ideas to life.

Meeting packages

Delicious luxury coffee and lunch arrangements to help you through the day.

Catering facilites and VR Rooms.

This corridor leads to our catering facilites and our VR Rooms.

720m2 free space

A huge space that can be fully customized to your preferences for your event.

Customizable lighting

Choose your own colors for a unique atmosphere.

Our 720 m² expo floor

Space for

your VR event.

Seminars & lectures

The 720 m² space is versatile and perfectly suited for large gatherings such as lectures, exhibitions, and congresses. This space can be completely adapted to your specific wishes and needs. Here, you can give presentations, organize workshops, exhibit your own creations, or participate in hackathons, game jams, and gaming tournaments. The possibilities are endless! Moreover, your event can be combined with one of our many VR experiences.

  • A freely configurable event space.
  • Optionally combined with a diversity of VR experiences.
  • Fully customizable to suit your needs and wishes.
  • Bites & drinks package possible.
  • External catering possible.
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Our LevelUp Café

Lunch, drinks & dinners

on location.

Interactive twist

At our catering facility, we strive to provide a warm welcome for all our guests, whether it’s for lunch, drinks, dinners, or buffets. Additionally, you can enrich your event or drinks gathering with unique VR & XR experiences. While your guests enjoy snacks and drinks, they can experiment with cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality and AI—a perfect mix of fun, entertainment, and gastronomy!

  • Suitable for up to 150 (seated) guests.
  • Lovely reception area.
  • Suitable for lunch, drinks, dinners or buffets.
  • Optionally combined with a diversity of VR and XR experiences.
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Near the VR Rooms

Our catering facilities are located right next to our VR Rooms.

Playground for adults

This catering facility offers multiple interactive setups that add a fun and interactive element to your event. Your guests can participate in experiences and experiment with new techniques such as Mixed Reality and AI in an accessible way.


Receive our

event brochure

As you can see, Enversed is much more than just a VR Center. In addition to our wide range of VR experiences, we offer special VR packages for conferences, meetings, and (corporate) parties. At Enversed, it’s all about inspiration, interaction, and having fun together. Experiment with new technologies like Virtual and Mixed Reality, and AI, and discover how you can already implement these within your organization.

  • located in the trendy and innovative Strijp-S.
  • nowhere else can you experience Virtual Reality with large groups in this way.
  • capacity for up to 240 guests.
  • substantive VR and AI programs & workshops.
  • easily accessible.
  • conveniently near (paid) parking.

Make your
event gamechanging.

Discover the possibilities of game technology with our GameChangers program. We bring gamification, virtual reality, and AI to the business world. This program combines content with fun, hosted at our Enversed Experience Center, where the latest technologies come together for an inspiring event.

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We hope our location inspires you for your upcoming event. We love meeting new people and helping them come up with creative solutions. Mail or call us for more information, or to request a personal tour.

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