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Frequently asked questions

Below, you’ll find an overview of the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. Is your question not listed? Is your question not listed? Then ask one of our team members directly via WhatsApp, Livechat, telephone or email.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

VR let’s you step into another reality, where you can do things that would normally be too dangerous or impossible. VR immerses you in a game, experience or adventure like no other technology. It provides an unparalleled experience within a digital world in which you can interact with the environment, objects and also, other players.

How does VR actually work?

We use VR headsets with integrated headphones and two hand controllers to let you experience virtual reality at its best. Our system registers your movements and translates them directly into actions within the experience.

Where do I play?

You play in one of nine Enversed Rooms in our Enversed VR Center in Eindhoven. These are not only equipped with VR techniques and high-quality equipment, but also with a comfortable sofa and two screens to watch your companions play.

Do I play alone or with others?

Either is possible! VR is very suitable to play together with others. We have multiple adventures waiting for you that are best played together and also, offer collaboration or competition. If you’d rather play an experience alone, we highly recommend the VR Storyline Half-Life: Alyx.

I have no experience with games or VR. Is it something for me?

In most cases, previous experience with games or VR is not necessary. Our Crew Members will guide you during your entire session, so you’ll always know how the VR experiences work. If you have any questions or if you get stuck while playing, they’ll be happy to help you. However, some VR experiences do have a higher difficulty than others. The level of difficulty is noted on the relevant product pages. Not sure whether a particular experience is too difficult or easy for you? Please feel free to contact us.

What range of experiences do you offer?

We have a wide range of VR experiences in our VR Center. These can also be supplemented with extra facilities and services to fully customize your day.

What’s a VR Storyline?

A VR Storyline allows you to play hero in an epic story filled with action, excitement and adventure. You’ll travel to exotic locations, meet unique characters and be in the middle of the action.

Most Storylines are divided into several episodes, just like a TV series. You can “binge” it in one long play session or you can take it easy and play in multiple sessions. Your progress is saved so you can immediately continue from where you left off.

What’s a VR Escape Adventure?

This is a virtual adventure where you have to escape from a specific situation or solve a mystery. You will encounter various puzzles and obstacles along the way.

It’s similar to a traditional Escape Room, but with virtual reality we push the boundaries of where the escape rooms take place and what you can do there. For example, in VR you can escape from a large pyramid – something you would have to travel to Egypt for in real life.

What’s a VR Party Bundle?

In one of our Bundles you can try several short VR experiences – so-called “mini-games” or “party games”. One of our Crew Members will guide you during your visit. When you have played a number of VR experiences as an introduction, he or she can further adapt the program to your specific wishes.

What can I combine these VR experiences with?

We selected a number of extra activities that you can combine with your VR experience to get the most out of your day. How about a fully catered company outing, a VR experience including a nice dinner or an inspiring lecture? Our VR Center can also be rented out completely for your (business) event. Check out all the options in the ‘Customize your day’ tab of our website menu.

Can I determine the contents of my booking?

Booking a VR Storyline or VR Escape Adventure gives you the freedom to choose from a number of selected adventures beforehand. The VR Party Bundle, though, is a bit different. Yes, there is a default line-up of great experiences that we selected for you. However, each group is different. We also understand that it’s a bit difficult to estimate whether this is the right bundle for you, especially if it’s your first time experiencing VR. That’s why our VR Crew Member are there to help you in any way they can. They may adjust the line-up to your preferences during your session, so you have the best time possible and experience VR to the fullest!

What’s the duration of a VR Party Bundle?

The VR Party Bundle takes approximately 30 minutes of playtime per person. The total time of your booking depends on the number of people you visit us with. We adjust the booking time and the number of Enversed Rooms assigned to you to provide 30 minutes of playtime for every person in your party. The exact duration and number of Enversed Rooms is as follows:

  • With two people, you’ll have a session of 30 minutes in a single Enversed Room.
  • With three to four people, you’ll have a session of 60 minutes in a single Enversed Room.
  • With five to six people, you’ll have a session of 90 minutes in a single Enversed Room.
  • With seven to eight people, you’ll have a session of 60 minutes in two Enversed Rooms.
  • With nine or more people, you’ll have a sessions of 90 minutes in two or more Enversed Rooms.


What are the age requirements for Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is suitable for both young and old. However, we have a minimum age requirement of eight and some of our experiences have an adjusted age limit.

  • For VR Escape Adventures, a minimum age of twelve applies. This is due to the difficulty of the puzzles.
  • Our current VR Storylines have official age requirements of sixteen or seventeen plus. We take these ratings seriously, because the impressions are a lot more intense since you’re fully immersed in VR.

Can I play Virtual Reality with my disability or special needs?

We want to make Virtual Reality as accessible as possible for everyone. That’s why we have several tools at our disposal that enable guests to live VR experiences, despite limitations or handicaps. In addition, we are also able and willing to adapt the line-up of experiences to specific needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

I have a question about my booking

Can I get a discount for large groups?

If you visit with a large group (>54 people), your booking will be tailor-made based on a quote. Please feel free to contact us about the prices.

Is there a student discount?

No, there is currently no special discount for students. If you come with a large group (>54 people) on behalf of an educational institution, your booking will be tailor-made based on a quote. Please feel free to contact us about the prices.

Do you serve alcohol?

No, we currently do not serve alcohol in our VR Center. You can, however, combine our experiences with a tasty beer tasting or mixer at one of our culinary partners.

Is there still room to book today?

We are happy to check that for you! To get a quick answer to this, it’s best to call our Customer Support.

Any more questions?

Feel free to contact us. Our Support Team is happy to help you.