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VR Tournament

Are you competitive and do you want to challenge all your friends or colleagues? Or are you looking for a fun way to experience virtual reality together? Our VR Tournament is an experience in which large groups, from 10 to 54 people, compete against each other in various VR games. This way you can experience the diversity that VR has to offer together, and one person can go home as the proud winner.

So, are you up for a competition? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Enjoy together

A VR Tournament is suitable for 10 tot 54 people.

Private playing area

You play in your own VR room(s) with two active players simultaneously.

Diverse selection

The Tournament contains various VR games with a competitive twist.

Personal assistance

Your personal attendant will explain games, answer questions and keep score.

What’s in this tournament?

A program of three or four competitive experiences, with a scoreboard!

Shoot arrows

Round 1

Teams of 5 or 6 players are formed at the start of the tournament. Then we kick off with an archery championship!

Grill burgers

Round 2

Then it’s time for teamwork. In round 2 you will team up in pairs to grill as many burgers as possible. Keep those hungry customers happy!

Fight drones

Round 3

In the grand finale you will defeat drones using a futuristic arsenal. Each player gets two chances to set his personal high score.


Bonus round

Is there spare time, or do you want to mix and match your tournament? Then you can play a freerunning course on high rooftops, or an extreme game of ‘football’ in mechs!

Customize your day

We offer a number of extra’s to enhance your VR experience even more. This allows you to customize your company outing or event completely to your liking.

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