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VR & Beer tasting

Combine an entertaining experience in virtual reality with a beer tasting.

Combine your VR experience with a beer tasting

You’ll have the chance to try some of the finest locals beers and numerous different brews in our beer tasting. A great way to experience the thriving craft beer scene of Eindhoven.

The price of your beer tasting will be added to the rest of your booking. So at the end of your visit you can pay for everything at once, instead of having separate bills. Convenient, right?


Available for 2 to 150 people

In the Rabauw Brewpub you can enjoy adventurous craft beers. From the bar you can look straight into their lively brewery! Or you can join a tour to see it up close, then the proud ‘Rabauwers’ will tell you all about their brewing process and the special stories behind Rabauw.

Brouwerij het Veem

Available for 2 to 18 people

Brouwerij het Veem is located in the same historical building as Enversed. Their unique tasting room is situated directly in the brewery, which means you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the brewing process.

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