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VR & Mixer

Combine an entertaining experience in virtual reality with a social mixer.

Combine your VR experience with a social mixer

Add a mixer to your VR experience for a celebratory drink or social gathering. Whether you want to network, celebrate something, or just usher in the weekend, with a mixer added to your VR experience, you’re sure to have a good time! Our partner’s venue is just a three to five minute walk way. Alternatively, if you visit us with a group of twenty or more people, it’s possible to book our entire VR Center and have a tailor-made mixer prepared for you and your companions.

The price of your mixer will be added to the rest of your booking. So at the end of your visit you can pay for everything at once, instead of having separate bills. Convenient, right?

Go for drinks at a nearby venue


Available for 2 to 200 people

The Rabauw Brewpub is the ideal place to tell stories, or to talk about your VR experience. You do this while enjoying special drinks and adventurous craft beers.

Drink packages – Price per person starting at:

  • € 20.00 including VAT
  • € 16.53 excluding VAT

Snack boards – Price per person starting at:

  • € 4.25 including VAT
  • € 3.51 excluding VAT

Blue Collar Hotel

Available for 10 to 150 people

The Blue Collar Hotel is a venue filled with character, nostalgia and Rock & Roll. Here you can enjoy good food for a good price, in a robust and relaxed atmosphere.

Prices per person start at:

  • € 35.00 including VAT
  • € 33.02 excluding VAT

At Enversed

Have drinks in our VR Center

Available for 20 to 200 people

Are you visiting Enversed with a group of >20 people? Then you may also book the entire VR Center to include a tailor-made buffet. We’re happy to prepare the ideal lunch buffet for you, together with our partner Stories. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Prices per person start at:

  • € 16.34 including VAT
  • € 13.50 excluding VAT

Need some assistance?

Please feel free to contact our support team.

Or visit us and ask your question directly

Of course you can also visit our VR Center. We are also happy to discuss the possibilities with you at the counter.

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