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VR Simulator

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What can I expect?

When you arrive at Enversed, you’re welcomed by one of our VR Crew Members. He or she will take you to our VR Simulators. One or more simulators will be assigned to you, depending on your booking and group size. We have a VR Paraglider simulator and a VR Racing simulator available at the moment.

After that, you receive instructions from your Crew Member to get you started. He or she remains available to assist you with any questions or requests during your VR experience. This way, we ensure that you can enjoy your time at Enversed to the fullest and without any worries!


We aim to make our experiences as accessible as possible for everyone. Due to the shape of the simulators, a certain degree of freedom of movement is required however. The paraglider has a high step and requires the use of two hands. The racing simulator is a low step, and requires at least one hand and one foot for the pedals. Furthermore, it is important to take into account that the experience due to the movement of the simulator is even more intense than a regular VR experience. This can cause overstimulation or motion sickness more quickly. If you do want to experience a VR Simulator, but are not sure if it is right for you, feel free to contact us!

Customize your day

We offer a number of extra’s to enhance your VR experience even more. This allows you to customize your company outing or event completely to your liking.

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