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    Can I play VR with my disability or special requirements?

    We strive to make our VR experiences as accessible as possible for everyone. However, the medium does require a certain degree of freedom of movement, such as wearing a VR headset and using one or two hands. VR experiences can also be intense and may lead to sensory overload. Are you unsure if an experience is suitable for you? Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

    Can I determine the contents of my booking?

    Our packages are built with three components that you can freely combine to create your perfect outing through the request form on our website. For added convenience, we have pre-designed corporate packages that are well-received by groups like yours.

    The order of activities can be customized according to your preferences. Want to kick off with a lecture and then play VR games? Great! Or would you rather play VR games first, before sitting down for a lecture? That’s fine too! The most important thing is that the package fits in well with your schedule. Please do not hesitate to contact us to coordinate your schedule, via the contact form or by telephone.

    Sounds nice, but I don't have a huge budget...

    The budget is an important aspect when organizing a company outing. No worries, we’re happy to help you! We understand that you want to create a unique experience, and that sometimes the budget can be a challenge. Fortunately, we have experience in coming up with solutions that suit your budget, so that you can still experience an unforgettable day with your colleagues.

    Is it also fun for people that are 40 or over?

    Of course! At Enversed we have suitable packages for all ages and interests. For example, our VR Party Bundle is perfect for people with little or no experience with VR. It’s a fun and accessible way to discover the versatility of VR with carefully designed experiences. We want our guests to not only enjoy the moment, but also have a valuable and memorable experience that they carry with them.